Creating a forwarded e-mail


Forwarded e-mails are e-mails that arrive on the server, but instead of delivering to a local user, these messages are passed off to an external e-mail address hosted elsewhere.

Setting up a forward

  1. Visit MailManage Mailboxes within the control panel
  2. Enter a new e-mail address name under Add a New Address
  3. Select one or more domains for which this e-mail is valid
  4. Select Type: Forwarded or Multiple Users
  5. Enter one or more e-mail addresses under Include these external e-mail addresses
    • Multiple e-mail addresses may be added by separating with a comma (“,”)
  6. Click Add Address to finalize change

Editing existing forwards

  1. Visit MailManage Mailboxes within the control panel.
  2. Under Change Mode, select View/Edit Mailboxes
  3. Browse to the row with the specified e-mail to edit
    • Actions will not display until mouse is hovered over column
  4. Select Edit from Actions column
  5. Make changes, separating new e-mails with either a comma (“,”) or return key (“⏎”)
  6. Click Save


Because forwarded e-mails are a touch-and-forward process, receiving mail servers – the address to which an e-mail is forwarded – may delay or reject messages based upon volume, content, and other heuristics known only to the receiving mail servers. Therefore, it is quite common for mail forwarded to a third-party to randomly, at times, incur a severe delay or be blocked altogether. It is for this reason that alternative methods be used when forwarding to major third-party mail servers like Gmail to ensure mail is consistently delivered.

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