Converting e-mail address types


In certain situations, an e-mail address that delivers to an account on the server may want to be converted to an e-mail address that forwards externally to another address and vice-versa.


  1. Login to the control panel
  2. Visit MailManage Mailboxes
  3. Under Change Mode, select View/Edit Mailboxes
  4. Select the mailbox to edit by the edit icon within the Actions column
    • Hovering your mouse over an entry will display available actions
  5. Change Type + Destination fields respectively
    • To make an e-mail address forward, alter Type from L (local delivery) to F (forwarded)
      • Enter multiple e-mail addresses in the destination text box
      • Each entry is delimited by a comma (“,”) or enter (“⏎”)
      • To make a forwarded e-mail address delivery locally, alter Type from F (“forwarded’) to L (“local delivery”)
      • Select the user account under Destination
      • This account maps to a user defined in UserManage Users
  6. Click Save

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