Upgrading or downgrading hosting

Want to change your hosting package? Simply open a ticket within the control panel under HelpTrouble Tickets. Any remaining balance on your account will be credited to your new account. Any perpetual discounts will also be carried over.

  • Accounts paid by credit card will maintain the same renewal date.
  • Accounts paid by PayPal in 12 or 24-month periods outside 90-days from renewal will have its renewal date adjusted to the day of upgrade + 12/24 months due to restrictions on PayPal’s side.

Example 1: a $50/year account would like to upgrade 105 days into the billing cycle to a $100/year account. The client pays by credit card. A prorated balance will be due immediately maintaining the same renewal date:

Remaining balance: $50 ÷ 365 days X (365 days – 105 days) = $35.62 (credit)
New prorated balance: $100 ÷ 365 days X (365 days – 105 days) = $71.23 (owed)
Total due: $71.23 – $35.62 = $35.62 (owed)

Example 2: a $100/year client chooses to downgrade to a $50/year package 30 days into the billing cycle. The client pays with PayPal. Because payment is done via PayPal, renewal date base will be adjusted to the date billing changes were made (e.g. adj. requested 2015/01/05 at 12 months, new renewal will be 2016/01/05). 

Remaining balance: $100 ÷ 365 days X (365 days – 30 days) = $91.78 (credit)
New prorated balance: $50 ÷ 365 days X 365 days = $50.00 (owed)
Total due: $50.00 – $91.78 = -$41.78 (credit)

In certain situations, there may be remaining credit. This is iteratively applied, per diem, until no balance remains:

New balance: -$41.78
Cost per day: $50 ÷ 365 days = $0.13699/day
Day credit: $41.78 ÷ ($0.13699/day) = 304 days

Effectively, the new renewal date, once all credit is applied, is the date of adjustment + 1 year (balance) + 304 days (remaining balance). On this day the client will owe $50/year annually.

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