Bandwidth policy


The amount of Bandwidth (same as “Transfer”) is the amount of traffic that may originate and arrive on an account during a given cycle period. A cycle period is defined as 1 month. A cycle resets on the anniversary day each month. The anniversary day is the day on which the account was setup.

Usage and Overages

Bandwidth does not rollover. An account may exceed up to 10% of its provided bandwidth without penalty. If an account is provided 100 GB of transfer per month, then the account may use up to 110 GB without penalty. Bandwidth in excess of that limit may be charged an overage fee of $1/5 GB over the 10% allowance. Accounts that exceed bandwidth by 100% of its allowance will be automatically suspended until the following bandwidth cycle begins. Surcharges are applied on the following month to your recurring bill. In the event of non-monthly charges, the charge will be assessed within 15 days.

Site1 has a limit of 100 GB. Site1 consumes 150 GB. Site1 is responsible for 40 GB in overages at a cost of $1/5 GB: 40 GB * $1/5 GB = $8 surcharge.

Site1 has a limit of 50 GB. Site1 consumes 101 GB. Site1 is deactivated immediately and responsible for approximately 46 GB: 101 GB – 50 GB limit – 10% allowance = 45.9 GB. 45.9 GB overage * $1/5 GB = $9.18 surcharge.

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