Missed/late payment policy


All payments are expected to renew on the agreed renewal date, but sometimes there are billing hiccups with expired credit cards and other unforeseen maladies.

In the event that a payment fails, clients who pay with credit card have 15 days to remit payment before an account is suspended. Clients who pay with PayPal have 30 days to remit payment before an account is suspended.

After payment fails

Once a payment fails or PayPal subscription is canceled, clients are automatically sent a billing notice the following night (at 12:40 AM EST to be exact) to the e-mail address assigned to the account from billing@hostineer.com. For accounts that were canceled in advance, a billing notice is sent either 30 days (PayPal) or 15 days (credit card) before the renewal day. 30, 15, 5, and 1-day notices are sent. Failure to renew 24 hours following issuance of the 1-day notice will result in account deactivation.

Once an account is deactivated, it is subject to cancellation policy.


Once a payment is past due, and 24 hours have elapsed, a client may renew in 1 of 3 ways:

Renewing via billing notice

Open up the e-mail from billing@hostineer.com titled, “XX-Day Billing Notice”. Follow the link at the bottom to visit the billing portal to plug in new credit card information. It may have been mistakenly delivered to your “Spam” folder.

Renewing within the control panel

Login to the control panel. Under Account > Dashboard > Overview > Billing Status there will be a link to renew and status Pending Suspension if renewal is within 30 days of deactivation. Below this status is a renewal link. If the account has already been suspended, then a modal dialog is present in the Dashboard with an immediate link to renew service. Both will take you to the billing portal to renew.

Common billing renewal locations within the control panel

Common billing renewal locations within the control panel

Renewing via billing portal

Login to the billing portal and provide your subscription number from the last billing receipt. For credit cards, this is a 25-character sequence beginning with C- and for PayPal subscriptions, this is a 19-character sequence beginning with S-. Examples include C-EFGHML9XCZNMO178E2Z7Z5O and S-ABCD2118XY1173520 for credit card and PayPal respectively. Both subscription numbers are included in your periodic receipts issued from Apis Networks and PayPal respectively.

Enter the subscription number into the subscription number field to pull up your invoice.

After completing payment

Once payment is remitted, your account is active. A new subscription number is generated invalidating the old subscription number. You will receive an e-mail receipt confirming purchase. If the account was suspended, it will be reactivated within a few minutes. Any e-mail sent during this period of deactivation will be immediately available on your account (it’s rather rude to cut off a lifeline!)

For accounts still deactivated after 4 hours, please contact help@hostineer.com.

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