Connecting remotely to MySQL


By default, MySQL permissions only permit same-server access for clients. This protects your database by preventing external access, but also precludes desktop database utilities like Navicat, MySQL Workbench, and Eclipse from managing your database schema.


Create a new MySQL user within the control panel under Databases > MySQL Manager.

  • Enter a user under Name
    • Remember: your newly-created user will be prefixed with your database prefix that precedes the input field
  • Enter a password under the Password field
  • Select Advanced mode
  • Enter a new host under the Host field
    • Only IP addresses are accepted
    • Use _ and % for single/multiple wildcards
      • 64.22._0.1 matches and but not
      • 62.22.% matches,, etc but not
      • 64.22.%.1 would match,, but not
  • Click Add User

A user has been created, but now requires database privileges:

  • Select Change Mode > List Users and Databases
  • Select the database under Edit DatabasesDatabase Name
  • Under User Privileges, select READ and WRITE
    • READ will permit the user to connect and issue SELECT statements
    • WRITE will permit INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE
  • Click Save

Connect to the database using your server name (or domain name), and corresponding username + password previously created. Port is the default port 3306.

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